Visa Credit Card

Best VISA Card?

Not all Visa Credit Cards are created equally. Our Visa was designed with our members in mind and we encourage you to compare.

VISA Credit Card Benefits and Highlights

  1. Low 9.95% Annual Percentage Rate
  2. EMV Chip Secured. Click here for EMV information.
  3. CardNav Protection – Control credit card use and spending – in real time – via smartphone or tablet.
  4. Hercules Rewards Points – One point for every dollar spent on credit card purchases
  5. No annual fees
  6. No hidden service fees
  7. Instant Issue – replace a broken, cracked, lost or stolen card instantly
  8. Verified Visa Protection
  9. Transfer the balance of your current credit card to Hercules Credit Union and receive a low introductory rate of  1.99% APR for the first 6 months. (The rate will adjust to our regular rate of 9.95% APR after 6 months). Click here for more details.

VISA Rewards

Not only does our VISA card have a terrific rate and terms but the Reward Program allows you to get reward points every time you use it. The travel rewards will soon have you taking your dream vacation.

Our new program benefits our members in the following ways:

  1. All VISA credit and debit cards will earn points with purchases made through our new Hercules Rewards Program:
    • 1 point for every dollar spent on credit card purchases.
    • 1 point for every two dollars spent on debit card purchases that you sign for.
    • 1 point for every three dollars spent on debit card purchases using your PIN number.
  2. Live Transaction Updates.  Going live means:
    • Immediate credit for payments made.  Make a payment and your account is credited immediately  eliminating possible embarrassment at the check-out counter.
  3. Instant card replacement.
    • Our new equipment and software allow us to make new cards at the Hercules Office.  Lost or stolen cards can be instantly replaced.  You will be notified when this new feature is ready.
  4. Credit Limits.
    • With all credit cards now being Platinum Cards, it gives the credit union greater flexibility to maintain and increase credit limits.

Check out your Reward Points here.

Universally Accepted – Get the Best Card from Hercules CU – Apply Today

Visa is the most universally accepted credit card in the world. Even if you don’t maintain a monthly balance on a Visa Credit Card, it is nearly impossible to live in our world today without one. You will find the Credit Union’s rates, fees and credit lines to be the most competitive anywhere.

If your Visa card is lost or stolen, please call 1-800-754-4128 immediately to prevent fraud, 24 Hrs / 7 Days/Week.

Hercules CU is now offering you Verified by Visa. Verified by Visa puts you in control when shopping online: only you can approve purchases using your private password. To sign up, please visit here.

*If you are leaving the country and plan to use your Visa card, please contact the credit union at 801-968-9011 to ensure that your Visa card will work properly outside the country. Please allow 3 business days for this to take effect.

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VISA Disclosures

See full VISA CREDIT Card Disclosure and Agreement here

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