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Great Members

and Great Rates allow Hercules Credit Union Loans to grow at 29.6% – Fastest in Utah.

Our goal is to offer the best rates on loans so our members don’t have to waste time shopping rates and can easily get all their loans at Hercules Credit Union. The plan seems to be working since the past year our loan portfolio grew at almost 30%. That’s faster than any other credit union in Utah and it’s faster than 95% of the credit unions in the nation.

Great loans to great members is what make us profitable and successful. Thanks for helping us grow by doing business with Hercules Credit Union. We are “Growing Stronger Together.”

How far can Hercules throw a javelin?

Click “watch video” below to find out.

FREE Financial Review and Consultation Service

With Financial Planning “sooner the better” is the key. If you have a plan great. If not, what are you waiting for?

Give a call to one of our team of qualified financial advisors, Deno and George Roumpos. They are highly qualified financial advisors and planners. They offer free consultation for retirement, asset protection and any other financial planning service. Click here for more info.


Annual Meeting – See highlights here.

Get Travel Rewards with a Hercules VISA Card

It’s Springtime! It’s a perfect time for a nice Vacation…a walk on the beach would be nice.  You earn reward points for every dollar you spend using your Hercules VISA card! Reward points add up fast!

To get more VISA information and to apply Click Here.

Research and Shop Online

Find your next car online at AutoSmart (at dealerships both locally and nationally). When you finance at the dealership, insist they send your loan to your credit union.

Best Auto Loan!

Get a nice ride and pay as low as 2.75% APR for 60 months and just 3.19% APR for 72 months. Doesn’t get much better than that…and be sure to add a hitch for your wave runners. See rates here.