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Enjoy your three day weekend!

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It’s Time for Some Fun!

No matter what you’re’s time! 

With winter behind us, this is the year for fun. Don’t wait any longer. Buy your jet ski,  motorcycle, ATV, trailer, boat or motorcycle now. Do it. Rates are still low and the payment is probably not as much as you may think. We can calculate the payment and get you  pre-approved. Give a loan officer a call today!

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Think Again!

Opt-in on Identity Theft Protection. Coverage include:

  • Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery
  • Lost Document Replacement
  • Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance – up to $10,000

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Time to Use Your Rewards?

It may be time to check out how many reward points you accumulated using your Hercules VISA Credit Card over the holidays. You may have enough to plan your summer vacation. Remember, you accumulate one point for every dollar you spend.

If you’re not already using the best VISA in town, get more information and apply here.

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Research and Shop Online

Find your next car online at AutoSmart (at dealerships both locally and nationally). When you finance at the dealership, insist they send your loan to your credit union.

Best Auto Loan!

Get a nice ride and pay the lowest rate in town. You won’t find a better deal than your credit union and be sure to add a hitch for your wave runners. See rates here.