Our Story

Since 1946 Hercules First Federal Credit Union has endeavored to improve the lives of our members and neighbors in our community by offering high quality financial services.

Our Credit Union was started and directed by hard working individuals who worked at the Hercules Bacchus Works in western Salt Lake County. Hercules Bacchus Works started out making dynamite over 100 years ago, in 1913, and has contributed to the success of western mining by being a major supplier of dynamite. The Salt Lake plant was a major supplier of gun and rocket propellants during WWII and the post-WWII era.

Originally called the Bacchus Plant Credit Union, Hercules First Federal Credit Union has been providing financial opportunities for its members since 1946. Our founders had a vision of a cooperative financial institution providing banking services that have consistently provided a fair return of interest on savings and low cost loans to its members.

Beginning with just eight members and a small part-time staff, Hercules First Federal Credit Union today has become a full service financial institution with thousands of loyal members.

Growing Stronger together

Hercules First Federal Credit Union Herriman Branch

Branch Locations

Drop by any of our convenient offices to start receiving all the benefits of being a member of Hercules First Federal Credit Union.


ATM Locations

Hercules First Federal Credit Union is members of several different ATM networks, so you can access your money from literally anywhere in the world!

You can use your credit or debit card to withdraw funds from your checking account at thousands of ATMs worldwide.


  • NO FEES when using one of the 28,000+ network ATMs
  • Thousands of locations all over the world
  • Directly withdraw from your Savings or Checking Accounts
  • More than 500 network ATMs in Utah alone
Woman getting money from her account at an ATM.
Woman getting money from her account at an ATM.
Woman interviewing for a job.


Here at Hercules First Federal Credit Union, we are family! Our employees are hard working and personable. We know our members and strive to live by our mission statement “Growing Stronger Together”. We look for people who are smart, fun, energetic, and have a passion for helping people.


  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Retirement 401k
  • PTO
  • Paid Holidays
  • Continued Education
  • Professional Development