When to Get the Best Price on a New Auto?

#1. Right before you blow the transmission on your current car.

#2. October is a pretty good time according to Edmunds. It’s the end of the Model Year for many vehicles and many dealerships are anxious to clear out the unsold models.

#3. Black Friday – According to Consumer Reports Black Friday deals could save you thousands on a new car.

#4. Early in the Week/Day – There is a lot less foot traffic at a dealership early in the week and early in the day. Avoid the busy times, especially Saturdays, and get a salesman’s full attention.

#5. End of the Year – December is a great month to buy an “outgoing model year” vehicle. According to Edmunds, the average discount off MSRP is 6.1% (the highest of any month).

Buying a new car is a tough business. You must be prepared and ready to negotiate. And keep in mind that the best price isn’t always the best deal for you. Getting the right car may be more important. Get a car you can love. Sometimes paying a little more to get the car that’s perfect for you is the right choice.