Taxes? Get Some Help!

Man sweating profusely over the prospects of using Turbotax to prepare his own taxes.

Don’t Sweat It!

To get our members some needed tax help, we’ve teamed up with Anderson Bradshaw, a Certified Public Accounting Firm. With all the recent tax changes do you really trust yourself to prepare your own tax return? This may be the year to get the experts not only to help you with this year’s returns, but to help you with a strategy for minimizing your taxes next year and years to come. In addition, they’re willing to give our members special pricing.

Income Tax Preparation

Working together to make filing your tax return less of a strain:

  • $150 – Basic Tax Return (1040 EZ)
  • $250 – 1040 (itemized)
  • $350 – 1040 (itemized with Schedule C)
  • $50 – for each additional State filed

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