EZ Mortgage Loans

The credit union has the advantage of having its own money to lend members so the board of directors and management decided to make this money available to our members using our EZ Mortgage program. It was designed specifically to help our members get FIXED RATE, SHORT-TERM Mortgages at an EXTREMELY LOW COST. This allows allows them to pay off their mortgages sooner and save thousands in interest.

We also recognize that members also need traditional fixed rate 15 and 30 year mortgages. Due to the long term nature of these loans we process them in conjunction with the “Mortgage Partners” who handle the funding, compliance and closing of these loans. Our members benefit because through this relationship, we can keep the closing costs to a minimum.

See details below and call a Loan Specialist at 801-968-9011.

Vac_Voucher_BeachBallGet a Vacation Voucher with any HELOC advance or 2nd Mortgages or $10,000 or more.

If your loan payments are a little higher than you’d like, usually we can lower your payment, lower you interest rate and you’ll get a vacation voucher from Golden Get-a-Way Travel.

This deal is good for any new loan over $10,000 (auto, signature, RV, HELOC advance or 2nd Mortgage). Call or come visit one of our loan officers and, at least, see what your options are.

*Good for all new loans or loans transferred from other financial institutions on amounts over $10,000. Offer extended until we run out of vouchers.

Full Service Mortgage Department

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15 and 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

Loans through Mortgage Partner

In association with the “Mortgage Partner” we provide members with traditional fixed rate long term mortgages. This is ideal for members buying their first home or for members wanting to keep their mortgage payment as low as possible.

Long term loans are sold through “Mortgage Partner” so you can get the best rate possible and our loan officers will make sure your closing costs are kept as low as possible.

Call our mortgage specialist to get more information.

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In-House EZ Mortgages

Fixed Rates and No Closing Costs

Unlike a traditional mortgage company Hercules Credit Union has money to lend. We can refinance mortgages in-house at great rates with no fees and save members a ton of money.

This is great for members that just want to refinance or want to get their loans paid off early. If you have the goal to pay off your loan before retirements we can help with an EZ Mortgage.

The benefits of the EZ Mortgage program are:

  • PAY OFF your current mortgage quicker SAVING THOUSANDS of dollars in interest
  • REDUCE your monthly mortgage payment because of a lower rate
  • REFINANCE at NO COST to our members
  • Rates for the new EZ Mortgage start at just 2.99% FIXED RATE/APR
  • We have fixed rates of 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 years.

Click here for current mortgage rates and disclosures.

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Home Equity Loans

Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgages and Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Many members already have a good rate on their fixed mortgages buy may need money to put in a new roof, remodel or to consolidate debt.  Home Equity Loans are perfect for this. Keep the good rate on your 1st mortgages but get the cash you need out of your home by using the equity you’ve built up over the past years.

2nd Mortgages

You can borrow at a fixed rate for 5, 7, 10, 12 or 15 years. This makes it easy to budget and get those necessary repairs and improvements made.


A Home Equity Line of Credit allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. The rate is variable based on the prime rate. This line of credit can be accessed as you need it and you can pay the loan off as quickly as you’d like or you can keep your payments as low as “interest only.”

And best of all. We can generally do these loans at no closing costs.

For more information and to discuss your needs, please call a Loan Specialist at (801) 968-9011.