Fee Schedule

Hercules CU Fee ScheduleEffective 2/1/2018
American Express Travel Checks$1.00 per$100.00
Check Print Order$24.95 to $55.95
Copy of Canceled Check$2.00
Credit Union Checks$1.00 each over 3 per month
Exceed Overdraft Limit$20.00
Insufficient Funds$25.00 each
Negative Balance$10.00
Reissue VISA Credit and Debit Card$10.00 (first time free)
Minimum Savings Balance $5.00
Minimum Savings Balance Violation$5.00
Money Orders $1.00
Research & Balancing$20.00 per hour
Returned Deposit $15.00
Reg. D Violation (over 6 auto transfers from Savings)$5.00 per transaction over 6
Safe Deposit Boxes (3" x 5" x 21") $15.00 Yearly
(3" x 10" x 21")$25.00 Yearly
(5" x 10" x 21") $40.00 Yearly
(10" x 10" x 21") $65.00 Yearly
Key Deposit$10.00
Account printout (prior 30 days)$1.00
Dormant Account Fee (2 years no activity)$5.00 per month
Returned Mail$5.00
Credit card payment to loan (Non-Hercules Card)$5.00
Stop Payment$20.00
Statement Copy $2.00
Identity Theft Protection Insurance $3.00 per month
Wire Transfer (In or Out)$10.00
Bad Address$5.00
Account Closure Fee (within 90 days)$5.00
Gift Card$2.00