Cash For Grades

At Hercules Credit Union, we LOVE our K-12 students and want to reward all your great efforts at school. During this school year you can earn money for getting good grades. If you are not already a member, EVERYONE is welcome to join our credit union. So, come in today and get started.

How It Works

  • Bring a parent or guardian with your report card from last semester to get started
  • Get $2 for every “A or equivalent”
  • Get $1 for every “B or equivalent”
  • The money is deposited into your Hercules Credit Union Account.
  • Available to all K-12 students

Stop By Hercules Credit Union Today and Get Started. Hercules Credit Union will help you save for your next toy, video game, or tablet!

Tips For Parents

You can never teach financial responsibility too early. Hercules Credit Union knows that two of the biggest indicators of future financial success are education and financial literacy. Having your child participate in Cash For Grades helps establish good habits including:

  • Incentivizing good financial performance
  • Establishing habits of saving money for goals
  • Familiarizing children with the banking system

If you have questions, drop by our convenient office located at 3141 West 4700 South in Salt Lake City, call us at 801-968-9011, or send us an email here